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Maternity and newborn care in Victoria

Key messages

  • Victoria’s network of services means that, for most women and families, maternity and newborn care is provided close to home. 
  • A tiered system with agreed levels of care for public maternity and newborn services means that women and families can have confidence in the consistency and quality of care they receive.
  • Capability frameworks support and guide how planned maternity and newborn care is provided.

Capability frameworks for maternity and newborn services

The Capability frameworks for Victorian maternity and newborn services (2019):

  • describe the requirements for providing safe and high-quality maternity and newborn care for Victorian public and private hospitals, including the required workforce, infrastructure, equipment and clinical support services
  • assist health services to make informed decisions about the resources, partnerships and protocols required to manage different complexities of care
  • enable a transparent approach to planning and service development at a local level, taking into account community need
  • support health service regions and the department to plan and manage the maternity and newborn service system.


Maternity and capability framework

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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