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Key messages

  • The Victorian Maternity Record is a common maternity record for all pregnant women in Victoria.
  • It provides a complete record of a woman’s pregnancy care and progress.
  • It also improves the quality and consistency of information given to women.

Women are encouraged to be involved in decisions about their care, and to improve the communication between the various care providers involved in maternity care. The Department of Health & Human Services has developed the Victorian Maternity Record (VMR) to provide pregnant women with a standardised maternity record of their pregnancy care and progress. The VMR:

  • reduces risks by providing health services with access to a complete pregnancy record
  • improves the quality and consistency of information given to women
  • enhances continuity of care
  • improves communication between service providers
  • provides continuity of documentation between clinicians and sites.

Public maternity services should tell all pregnant women about the VMR and encourage them to use this resource.

Ordering Victorian Maternity Records

You can order copies of the VMR from the department. A sample VMR is available below for download.

  • The minimum order is 20.
  • We do not ship outside Victoria or process orders as urgent.
  • Keep a copy of your order number to assist with any queries.
  • For any queries about your order, you can contact the Department of Health & Human Services:
  • An external distribution organisation handles the online ordering process.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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