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Leadership and governance
The acute health service’s policies and procedures demonstrate a systematic approach to end of life care across the service, meeting the requirements of:

The acute health service acknowledges and demonstrates that:

  • sustainable, safe and high-quality end of life care cannot be achieved without the commitment and leadership of executive and senior medical staff
  • care at end of life (last 12 months) is fundamental to the work of all physicians and other health professionals. Physicians must provide clinical leadership.9
  • culturally appropriate end of life care requires a whole-of-organisation approach 
  • effective end of life care is proactive, anticipatory and individual
  • the quality of end of life care, including care in the terminal phase, is part of the service's processes of clinical governance.

This information will be updated when Version 2 of National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards is released.

The Royal Australian College of Physicians 2016,  Improving Care at the End of Life: Our roles and Responsibilities, accessed at The Royal Australasian College of Physicians March 2017


Reviewed 08 March 2022


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