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The information in this section is also available as part of the comprehensive guide Voluntary assisted dying - Information for people considering voluntary assisted dying, available for download from this page. The document provides general advice on making decisions about end of life care, the voluntary assisted dying process and getting support.

After every death of a person who has accessed the voluntary assisted dying medication, the Voluntary Assisted Dying Review Board will speak to their contact person to ask them about their experience. The reason for this is to see if there are ways to improve people's experience of the voluntary assisted dying process.

If you have any feedback or concerns about your experiences with the voluntary assisted dying process, you can:

  • Speak directly with your health service provider. Feedback or concerns are usually managed by a complaint liaison officer or patient representative or advocate -- ask the hospital or health service for more information.
  • If you are unable to resolve the concerns yourself, you can lodge a complaint with the Health Complaints Commissioner online < Link ;, by phone, by mail or in person.

Reviewed 03 June 2019


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