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Victoria's Blood Matters Program has developed consumer information resources with input from consumers/patients.

There are resources for adults and children receiving blood transfusions and Rh-D Immunoglobulin. Some of this information is available in languages other than English.

A caveat on information supplied

All information and policies that are included as examples are only current at the time the document/s were made available to Blood Matters. Individual health services should be contacted to ascertain the currency of the policies and practices. The tools are not endorsed by Blood Matters unless stated otherwise. Information sharing occurs on the understanding that due acknowledgement will be given to the original source. Seek permission from the original source before using or applying any policy, protocol or guidelines.

Patient blood management 

What you need to know about patient blood management – visual: simple information for consumers about patient blood management with visual aids. Developed with consultation from consumer.

What you need to know about patient blood management: simple information for consumers about patient blood management. Developed with consultation from consumer.

Visual transfusion pathways

Bendigo Health: What to expect before, during and after the transfusion

Blood transfusion information for patients

Where all or part of the Bendigo Health or Blood Matters resources are adopted, the following acknowledgement should be used: 'Patient information developed by Bendigo Health', 'Patient information developed by Blood Matters.'

Resources in community languages

Blood transfusion - NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (several community languages)

Blood transfusion - BloodSafe Information about having a blood transfusion fact sheet (available in different languages)

RhD immunoglobulin - You and Your Baby (Arabic, Chinese, Vietnamese)

Paediatric transfusion

Children receiving blood - Blood Service information, parents' guide, comics and colouring blood for children.

Consumer information regarding immunoglobulin therapy

Blood Matters: SCIg Conversation Starter for Consumers

National Blood Authority – Frequently Asked Questions: Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin

National Blood Authority – Patient Information: Subcutaneous Immunoglobulin Treatment

Flebogamma 5%: Consumer Medicine Information Leaflet

Flebogamma 10%: Consumer Medicine Information Leaflet

Privigen: Consumer Medicine Information Leaflet

Evogam: Consumer Medicine Information Leaflet

Hizentra: Consumer Medicine Information Leaflet

Intragam 10: Consumer Medicine Information Leaflet

Australian Society of Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA) – Immunodeficiencies: Patient and Consumer Informatio

Immunodeficiency Foundation of Australia (IDFA) – Immunoglobulin Therapy and Other Medical Therapies for Antibody Deficiency

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