Department of Health

Aboriginal Victorians can access culturally appropriate mental health support and services to improve the length and quality of the lives of Aboriginal people in Victoria.

Koori mental health liaison officers

Koori mental health liaison officers (KMHLOs) are based in rural/regional area mental health services. KMHLOs aim to improve access and the cultural appropriateness of services provided to Aboriginal people.

Koori Mental Health Project at The Royal Children's Hospital

The Koori Mental Health Project is an initiative of The Royal Children’s Hospital. It encompasses the role of Koori mental health social and emotional wellbeing officer, and aims to improve access to child and adolescent mental health services for Aboriginal children, young people and their families.

The project helps mental health staff to be aware of issues facing Aboriginal children and their families, facilitate working partnerships with local Aboriginal organisations and services, and create a culturally sensitive environment.

St Vincent's Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service

St Vincent’s Mental Health Acute Inpatient Service has five specialist Aboriginal beds that are managed with the Victorian Aboriginal Health Service Family Counselling Service for Aboriginal people from across Victoria.

Reviewed 07 September 2023


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