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If the parent/carer provides an Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) Immunisation History Statement that shows the child is 'not up to date', and the parent states this is because the child has a medical reason they cannot receive one, some, or any vaccines:

To enrol

Do not enrol this child until an acceptable AIR Immunisation History Statement is provided, unless the child is eligible to enrol under the grace period (see below).

Tell the parent/carer the way to obtain acceptable documentation is: 

  • take the child to a general practitioner (GP) for assessment 
  • the GP completes an AIR immunisation medical exemption form that shows which vaccinations the child should not receive, and the reason why
  • the GP forwards this form to AIR.

The parent/carer will need to request the subsequently updated AIR Immunisation History Statement and provide it to your service.

The updated statement will show the child is ‘up to date’, list the vaccines the child cannot have, and indicate due dates of future vaccines for the child (if relevant).

Relevant resources

Medical contraindication to vaccines' section on the AIR Immunisation History Statement page. 

See the Documentation for enrolment section.

Use the Immunisation and enrolment decision aid flow chart.

To find an immunisation provider (this must be a GP for medical contraindication):

Download the Starting childcare or kindergarten brochure.

After enrolment

Immunisation medical exemptions are included in AIR Immunisation History Statements, and do not result in ‘not up to date’ statements. Advise the parent/carer how to obtain an up to date AIR statement, as above.

Relevant resources

Use the Immunisation evidence request decision aid flow chart.

See Managing documentation after enrolment page

If the family is experiencing vulnerability or disadvantage

To enrol

Consult the parent/carer to find out if they qualify for the 16-week grace period. If so, the child can commence at your service while your service takes reasonable steps to obtain the AIR statement from the parent/carer. 

You should provide the parent/carer with information on how to obtain an AIR statement and/or necessary vaccinations.

Relevant resources

Download the Grace period eligibility assessment form

See the Grace period page.

See the Contacts page for support services for families experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage.

After enrolment

Provide the appropriate resource or details of the relevant support service.

Relevant resources

Download the Immunisation after enrolment: fact sheet for parents

See the Contacts page for support services for families experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage.

Use the Immunisation evidence request decision aid flow chart.

See  Managing documentation after enrolment.

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