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Immunisation enrolment toolkit quick guide

What you need to do

  • Request an Immunisation History Statement for each child seeking to enrol.
  • Assess if the document provided meets the requirements for enrolment.
  • Enrol only those children who provide an Immunisation History Statement that shows the child is fully vaccinated for their age, or who qualify for the 16-week grace period.
  • If a child commences at your service under the 16-week grace period, take reasonable steps to obtain the required documents during the 16 weeks from the first day the child attends your service.
  • Inform parents of enrolled children of their obligation to provide you with a new Immunisation History Statement when their child receives vaccinations while attending.
  • Take reasonable steps to ensure you hold current immunisation information for each child.
  • Keep, with each child’s enrolment record, the most current Immunisation History Statement and grace period documentation (if relevant).
  • Where needed, provide parents with information to help them meet requirements.

Templates and resources

See the templates and resources page for templates and resources, including:
  • Immunisation and enrolment decision aid flow chart
  • Immunisation evidence request decision aid flow chart

Reviewed 24 September 2018


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