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If a child is attending your centre under the 16-week grace period, and their parent/carer does not or cannot provide acceptable documentation within 16 weeks:

After enrolment

The legislation does not require that the child be excluded from attending the service except in the circumstance of an outbreak of an infectious disease at the service.

The obligation on services is to ensure that immunisations are up to date as part of the enrolment process.

After a child's enrolment has been confirmed, the No Jab No Play legislation does not require services to exclude enrolled children who are not up to date with their immunisations.

The purpose of the legislation is to encourage immunisation, not create a barrier to enrolling in, or attending, early childhood education and care services.

Relevant resources

See the Scope of the law page.

See the Contacts page for support services for families experiencing vulnerability and disadvantage.

See the Exclusion periods - role of schools and child care services page. 

To find an immunisation provider (this must be a GP for medical contraindication):

Download the Starting childcare or kindergarten brochure.

Use the Immunisation evidence request decision aid flow chart.

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