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Health Workforce Innovation and Reform

The Department of Health and Human Services supports innovative approaches to health reform and to developing Victoria’s health workforce. The department has a number of programs in place and resources available:

Supporting workforce reform

The department is supporting health workforce reform through health sector leadership, and by funding and implementing programs for selected health workforce reform priorities.

Assistant and support workforces

Growing the health assistant workforce supports the sustainability of the overall health workforce. The department is working towards increasing the uptake and full use of allied health assistants and health assistants (nursing) and related training. The department has developed the Victorian Assistant Workforce Model incorporating a range of tools and resources that is used in conjunction with the Supervision and delegation framework to support the safe and most effective use of the assistant workforce. The department has also implemented a range of projects and approaches to support pathways into health careers.

Advanced practice roles 

Advanced practice roles take advantage of senior nursing and allied health professionals’ skills to expand healthcare options, as well as creating more pathways to health careers and leadership opportunities for health clinicians.

Outcomes of workforce reform initiatives

The Workforce Innovation Grant Program (WIGP) works to identify solutions to existing and projected health workforce challenges. WIGP projects include research on the nature and scale of the health workforce challenge, exploration of health sector ideas that need to be tested more widely and trials that test and obtain evidence for potential solutions.

Reviewed 18 October 2015


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