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Fee Schedule for clinical placement in public health services

Key messages

  • The Standardised Schedule of Fees for Clinical Placement of Students in Victorian Public Health Services increases transparency of clinical placement fees.
  • The Schedule for 2023 clinical placements has now been finalised, and is available below.

2023 Revised schedule

The 2023 Schedule continues to provide an important statewide mechanism for gaining agreement between public health services and education providers on the matter of cost-sharing arrangements for clinical placements.

The Schedule is the product of consultation, guided by the objectives of certainty, sustainability, transparency and equity, with a focus on reducing variability and transaction costs.

The Schedule for 2023 is available in the documents section below.

The revised schedule is effective from 1 July 2022, for activity occurring from 1 January 2023. Compliance with the schedule is required in accordance with the Victorian health policy and funding guidelines.

Consultation and development of the schedule

It is widely acknowledged that there are mutual benefits to all stakeholders from clinical placements of students and these are equally valued by education providers, health services and students.

In May 2013 the department released the Standardised Schedule of Fees for Clinical Placement of Students in Victorian Public Health Services.The Schedule is intended to promote financial planning certainty in the interests of all stakeholders and for the sustainability of Victoria’s system for professional-entry clinical training.

In 2016, the department established a senior advisory group the Victorian Student Planning Advisory Group to inform the content and implementation of the Schedule.

Reviewed 14 July 2022


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