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Queue management and outpatient system integration principles

Application of this standard to manage outpatient appointments will:

  • Improve data integrity
  • Empowers patients to manage their own information
  • Streamlines the intake process and
  • Introduces resource efficiencies


This Standard provides a recommended approach and a flexible solution for interoperability between an Outpatient Appointment booking system and an Outpatient Queue Management application. Queue management solutions are technologies designed to arrange patient appointments and manage queues to support patient flow and consultation scheduling.

Typically, such systems are required to interface to and automatically update clinical, patient administration and/or billing systems.

The approach taken to support such integration may be one of these two namely:

This standard will fill the gap previously recognised by health agencies, of a need for a patient centred and integrated approach to manage outpatients' appointments.


Reviewed 31 July 2022


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