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This standard defines the minimum set of functional requirements for any implementation of electronic referrals by health services in the Victoria Public Health Sector. They are a base set of criteria, data definitions and functions that enable the secure and interoperable transfer of health information between healthcare providers external to a health service.

The standard defines minimum technical requirements that enable healthcare providers to generate a written request for the review, diagnosis or treatment of a specific condition and with pre-existing information recorded in the local clinical information system.

The standard includes both mandatory and optional requirements to be included in the eReferral. This information must be assembled in a structured format to enable the exchange of information between clinical systems. The information in the eReferral message is encrypted so only the intended referral recipient can access the information in it.

The mandatory requirements cover the categories of terminology, interfacing and conformance to Australian Digital Health Agency (the Agency) specifications, localisation to Australian and Victorian requirements and functional requirements.

For Victorian Public Health Service, this eReferral standard is based on the technical specifications that have been developed by the Agency with adjustments that are aligned to the Department of Health and Human Services (the department) policies and guidelines. This standard supports the department’s Access Policies for managing referrals.


Reviewed 16 November 2022


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