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This standard defines the principles and design considerations to successfully implement and manage key Clinical and EMR applications within a complex eHealth environment.

eHealth is a complex environment that consists of several healthcare applications required to interact with each other, the national initiatives including national identifiers (IHI, HOI-O, HPI-I) and the My Health Record.

The standard also provides a foundation for health services that are aiming to implement to a Victorian Digital Health Maturity Level.

Briefly, this standard is a guide that covers the following:

  • The application initiation requirements, which are standard requirements to successfully implement an eHealth project.
  • Function requirements to ensure the application covers the key scope for which the application is being delivered.
  • Governance to manage delivery of the application within the complex environment.
  • Design configuration, constraints and assumptions for EMR, Alerts and Allergy Design.

Also included are the international, national and local Victorian standards appropriate for the implementation of the key clinical applications.


Reviewed 31 July 2022


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