Department of Health
  • Unimpeded access for people with dementia to outdoor areas
  • Safe and secure outdoor spaces
  • Outside areas visible from inside
  • Dining areas with garden views
  • Outside access from bedrooms overlooking gardens
  • Clearly marked entries and exits
  • Porches, patios and pergolas located near entrances to help orientation and wayfinding
  • Clearly designated areas for meals and socialising
  • Enclosed areas for privacy
  • Places to sit with family and friends
  • Private space for staff
  • Shaded areas
  • Barbeque for outdoor eating
  • Level, well-lit, non-slip, no-glare paths
  • Paths of uniform colour or safe transition between colours
  • Paths with colour contrasted edges and borders
  • Paths suitable for ambulant and semi-ambulant people and wheelchairs
  • Hard to climb fencingFences concealed with plantings along boundaries
  • Trees close to fences that cannot be climbed
  • Gates and fences merged to conceal gate handles and latches
  • Familiar looking, long-lasting and stable outdoor furnitureSeating providing rest along paths
  • Outdoor furniture arranged to support either private time alone or social interaction
  • Handrails where neededLow maintenance, non-toxic trees, shrubs and plants
  • Fruit trees, herbs and vegetables, providing seasonal cues and outdoor activities for people
  • Plantings with different colours, shapes, foliage and scents
  • Trees planted for shade
  • Colourful and scented plants for orientation and wayfinding
  • Pot plants and vegetable and herb gardens close to where people sit
  • Raised garden beds
  • Walking circuit

Other features:

  • movable potting bench
  • greenhouse
  • potting shed
  • recreational shed with cupboards for rummaging
  • tool shed with secure storage for items requiring supervised use
  • safe water feature without a pond or stones
  • bird bath and feeder
  • children’s play equipment
  • mail box
  • car for washing and tinkering
  • bus stop
  • gate for latching and unlatching
  • adjacent recreational areas, such as a bowling green

Reviewed 19 February 2016


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