Department of Health
  • Visually appealing and home-like furniture
  • Furniture that gives adequate support
  • Chairs and sofas that allow people to get up and down independently
  • Stable and sturdy tables and chairs
  • Furniture without sharp edges or corners
  • Dining chair arms that fit under the table
  • Dining chairs with good-looking, serviceable fabric
  • Dining tables providing comfortable seating
  • Dining tables catering for wheelchairs
  • Sufficient table space so people can focus on the meals on their plates rather than be distracted by other people’s meals
  • Comfortable and supportive lounge chairs
  • Warm, soft fabrics for easy chairs
  • Lounge chairs arranged in small groups, not at right angles to each other
  • Furniture arrangement for wheelchair access and use
  • Appropriate furniture to make each room’s purpose clear
  • Special items of furniture for wayfinding landmarks
  • Cosy cushions on inside and outdoor furniture
  • Warm, soft blankets in bedrooms
  • High quality beds at appropriate height
  • Home-like bed heads
  • Divided wardrobe
  • Personal bedroom furniture
  • Fabric curtains for cosier feel
  • Outdoor seats and tables on porches and verandas and in other outdoor spots

Reviewed 19 February 2016


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