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Principles in the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act and the Chief Psychiatrist's guidelines

Mental health and wellbeing services have a responsibility to provide treatment and care that embodies principles set out in the Mental Health and Wellbeing Act 2022External Link and Chief Psychiatrist’s guidelines.

This includes:

  • Respecting the rights, dignity and autonomy of people living with mental illness or psychological distress
  • Ensuring compulsory treatment and restrictive practices are only used as a last resort.
  • Involving people in all decisions about their assessment, treatment and recovery, and ensuring they are supported to participate in those decisions.
  • Recognising the role of families, carers and supporters (including children) in decisions about assessment, treatment and recovery.
  • Responding to people’s specific diversity- related needs and experiences tied to age, disability, neurodiversity, culture, language, communication, religion, race, gender and sexual orientation.
  • Ensuring that services are provided in a manner that is responsive to histories of family violence and trauma.
  • Providing culturally safe and responsive treatment and care to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.
  • Promoting the best interests of children and young people, including providing treatment and support in age and developmentally appropriate ways.

Reviewed 15 September 2023


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