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Key messages

  • Cemeteries are an integral part of community history.
  • In Memoriam is a guide to the history and heritage of Victoria's cemeteries.
  • In Memoriam was written by Garrie Hutchinson and published in 2014.

Each cemetery tells a story and has its own unique place in Victoria's history. In Memoriam is a guide to the history and heritage of Victoria's cemeteries written by Garrie Hutchinson.

This publication has been written for a general audience and arranged geographically by chapter, with accompanying maps and photographs. It provides a brief overview of the history of our cemeteries, burials, early settlers and Indigenous Victorians. It also provides guidance on how to use this information for research and family history.

Every cemetery is listed with its location and a range of other important details, such as descriptions of notable interments and memorials.

The introduction to In Memoriam was written by Dr Celestina Sagazio. At the launch of In Memoriam, Dr Sagazio delivered a presentation of photos which demonstrate the historical and cultural significance of Victorian cemeteries. In Memoriam and Dr Sagazio's presentation are available for download.

In Memoriam has been distributed to Victorian cemetery trusts, schools, councils and libraries.

Reviewed 18 November 2021


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