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Our Culture - People Matter Survey

Results from the 2022 People Matter survey will be available in early 2023.

The Department of Health and all health sector entities participate in the People Matter Survey managed by the Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC)External Link . The VPSC publishes these reports on its website.

You can read the complete Department of Health People Matter Survey 2021 report (PDF)External Link .

The People Matter Survey is the Victorian public sector’s annual employee opinion survey that supports public sector organisations to build positive workplace cultures that live the public sector values with integrity.

The survey and its results are particularly important this year given the increased demands on staff and the changes to the Department in response to COVID-19.

Whole of Department and individual team results are shared with all employees to promote engagement and develop responses across the department.

The 2021 People Matter Survey results for the Department of Health highlight our commitment to service delivery that is timely, effective and high quality, with these being our highest scoring sentiments.

This year’s results also show that the overwhelming majority of us – more than 90% – agree that our workplace is respectful, inclusive of diversity and collaborative. That is good. Actually, very good.

But, it is clear that we are feeling more stressed than in past years, mostly due to workload and time pressures. This is something the Department leadership is very aware of. We are working on solutions to improve our wellbeing and psychosocial safety. The Secretary’s Roundtable on Wellbeing, established to provide feedback and to plan local actions, is just one example.

2021 survey results also show that reports of bullying, sexual harassment, discrimination, and workplace aggression have reduced again, for the 4th year running. While these numbers are pleasing, any such behaviours are simply not ok. We will continue to build a positive workplace. Please speak up.

Reviewed 29 November 2022


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