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Our Gender Equality Action Plan (GEAP) shows us what needs to change and charts the course for how we will advance gender equality in our department.

The creation of our first GEAP under the Gender Equality Act 2020External Link (the Act) presents a timely opportunity for real and meaningful change; to both build on the work in the department to date, while putting into place new initiatives to advance equity and equality in our workplace.

We know that increasing workforce gender equality and diversity benefits all our employees and will enhance the work that we do for all Victorians.

Improving gender equality and representation across diverse staff groups will allow a diversity of perspectives to be at the table, resulting in a more holistic analysis of issues, leading to improved decision making.

Our vision for gender equality

To become an exemplar department in which our leaders and all staff proactively advance gender equality as an integral part of health, wellbeing and safety.

We will achieve this by working to remove barriers and building a more inclusive workplace and culture where all people are treated with respect and have equal access to opportunities, regardless of their gender and other identities.

Developing our plan

To develop our plan, we:

  • conducted a workplace gender audit based on workplace data as at 30 June 2021 to assess the state of gender equality in our department
  • consulted extensively with over one hundred staff from across divisions, levels of the workforce and staff networks to bring together perspectives and ideas on how we can improve
  • considered best practice research and guidance on workplace gender equality as well as the legislated gender equality principles.

Our focus areas

Each of our 5 focus areas outlines a goal we will achieve through various strategies shown in the GEAP:

  1. leadership and accountability: accountable leaders who champion gender equality
  2. gender representation in our workforce: increased gender inclusivity and representation of intersectional groups across our workforce
  3. preventing gender-based inappropriate behaviour: improved processes and awareness to support staff who experience workplace sexual harassment and inappropriate behaviour
  4. flexible working, caring and family violence leave: normalised flexible work, support for caring and for staff taking family violence leave
  5. gender pay equity: reduced gender pay gap towards elimination and increased gendered segregation of labour awareness

Regular monitoring and reporting on gender equality progress

We will report on the progress of our GEAP every 2 years as required under the Act and will publish our progress annually on our website.

Regular monitoring and reporting will help us to understand our progress in gender equality. We will measure our progress against the 7 workplace gender equality indicatorsExternal Link that represent the key areas where workplace gender inequality persists:

  1. Gender composition of the workforce
  2. Gender composition of governing body
  3. Pay equity
  4. Sexual harassment
  5. Recruitment and promotion
  6. Leave and flexibility, and
  7. Gendered segregation within the workplace.

To view our department's workplace gender equality audit data, see the Gender Equality Commission Insights DashboardExternal Link . For information on executive level gender pay gap data, download the information sheet below:

Reviewed 21 June 2023


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