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Key messages

  • Board performance can be measured in several ways, internally and externally.
  • Regular assessment is essential to ensure good governance.

Performance monitoring is a key mechanism to hold health service boards to account for effective governance.

Objectives of performance monitoring

Performance monitoring has two objectives. The first is to ensure that the board’s performance is consistent with organisational strategy and the expectations of the Minister for Health and the Department of Health & Human Services. The second is to ensure that the health service and the board comply with their regulatory obligations.

Results of monitoring a health service's performance

While a health services board ‘steers’ the organisation on behalf of the Minister for Health, it must also collect enough useful information to monitor the organisation effectively. Effective measurement, monitoring and evaluation information will establish the:

  • ability to meet the health service’s obligations
  • appropriateness of the organisation’s services
  • effectiveness and impact for clients and the community
  • efficiency of the organisation.

As part of its monitoring role, the board should receive regular reports from its subcommittees, the chief executive officer and other senior staff. The board should also commission external reports as required.

Framework for monitoring performance

The Victorian Public Sector Commission has guidelines to assist boards in assessing their performance. The directors’ code of conduct and guidance notes are issued to promote adherence to public sector values by directors of Victorian public entities. The code is binding on all members of public entity boards.

Reviewed 24 January 2024


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