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  • Effective induction enables newly appointed board directors to become effective in their role as quickly as possible.
  • A structured, tailored and varied induction program works best.
  • Guidelines are available to help boards to design their induction process.

Effective induction of directors instills confidence and skills in new board members and contributes to a successful board.

Program basics for an effective board induction

A well designed and effectively delivered induction program ensures that new members have the tools, understanding and confidence to ask questions and contribute to discussions from the start of their term, leading to a better functioning, more efficient board.

As well as reviewing important documentation, new members should meet with with senior executives and key stakeholders, undertake training courses and seminars, and make site visits. This can speed up the learning process considerably.

Induction program guidelines

The New board director induction program guidelines: a checklist for health service/hospital boards helps boards to design and build their induction program so that newly appointed directors can become effective in their role as quickly as possible.

Induction seminars

The Department of Health & Human Services hosts an annual induction seminar for new and reappointed directors to the boards of public health services, public hospitals, and Ambulance Victoria. The induction session is by invitation only.

The aim of the induction session is to increase directors’ awareness and understanding of their roles and responsibilities as a director and to provide an overview of the health system in which they will be operating.

Reviewed 05 October 2015


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