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Developing Victoria’s public mental health workforce

Key messages

  • The Centre for Mental Health Learning Victoria provides support for coordinating and communication about training and development for mental health workforce in Victoria.
  • There are many important provides of state-wide training that focus on a particular area of expertise to support the workforce in meeting the challenging and complex needs of consumers and their carers.
  • The Mental Health Professional Online Development (MHPOD) Program is an important online learning resources to support public mental health workforce training and development.

The Centre for Mental Health Learning Victoria

The Centre for Mental Health Learning (CMHL) is the central agency for public mental health workforce development, including lived-experience workforce, in Victoria.

Designed by training providers, mental health services and workers, the CMHL provides the information, tools, training, resources and expertise the sector needs to ensure access to quality, contemporary learning and development.

CMHL has been established to ensure skills and knowledge are shared widely, and mental health workers at every stage of their career have opportunities to grow their leadership capabilities. CMHL identifies and supports sharing of mental health learning and development resources across Victoria, allowing the sector to cut down on duplication and promote high quality resources within a culture of information sharing. Relevant training opportunities can be found in one, easy to find space on the CMHL website.

As CMHL expands activity around building mental health workforce capability, practice supports, knowledge translation and innovation will increase.

You can find all the latest listings of upcoming training opportunities on the CMHL website.

For the latest news and updates visit the website, subscribe to the newsletter or follow CMHL on Twitter (@CMHLvic).

Statewide education and training providers

There are a number of providers that deliver a range of education and training opportunities to the specialist mental health workforce and others who have a role in responding to mental health issues.

These include:

Mental Health Professional Online Development

Mental Health Professional Online Development (MHPOD) is an online professional development resource for Australia’s broad public mental health workforce.

Strategic Goal

Funded by all Australian jurisdictions and managed on their behalf by the Victorian Department of Health and Human Services, MHPOD provides access to various  learning and development resources through the MHPOD Website and the MHPOD Learning Portal. 

Its goal is to build on the capacity of Australia’s mental health and interrelating workforce to continue delivering high-quality, evidence-based care to Australians and improve their health and wellbeing in a supportive, safe and collaborative environment.

Content is developed to align with current national practice standards and reflect contemporary evidenced-based best practice regarding clinical and non-clinical subject areas relevant to public mental health workforce learning and development needs. 

Target audience

MHPOD’s target audience is diverse with content developed to address clinical knowledge and skills relevant to particular occupations such as mental health nurses, social workers, occupational therapists, psychiatrists and psychologists working in Australia’s public mental health system. 

In addition, content is also applicable to other workers whose role includes addressing the mental health needs of individuals such as community-based mental health workers, lived experience workforce, other allied health workers and Aboriginal Health Workers.

Accessing MHPOD

Access to the MHPOD Learning Portal is free through a self-registration process via the MHPOD Learning Portal login page.

Access to the MHPOD Website, which includes further information about the MHPOD Learning Portal can be found here.

Reviewed 20 December 2021


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