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No matter if you work in aged care, primary care, community health or in a hospital, have a clinical, non-clinical or support role. It's vital.

This page has been created to give you the most up-to-date advice, information and tools to help you be well and be safe at work.

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Health workers talk about their experiences receiving their COVID-19 vaccinations.

  • Hi my name’s Jim. I’ve worked with Ambulance Victoria for the past twelve years as currently work as a flight paramedic.

    Hello, I’m Kate. I’m a Nurse Unit Manager and I managed the COVID-19 ward at Werribee Mercy Hospital during 2020.

    Hi my name is Ivana. I was working as a PSA in a a COVID ward in 2020.

    I had my vaccination done at the Sunshine Hospital Vaccination Hub. The process was really simple. I registered my details online and chose an appointment time that suited me. The staff there were great. They were really well organised and knowledgeable.

    I recently had my vaccination at our hospital vaccination hub. The staff were skilled and friendly and explained the whole process and stayed with me fifteen minutes after my jab.

    I got my AstraZeneca vaccination done in April. Staff were really friendly, they explained everything that would have to be done and they give mke all the information. That is why I would encourage everyone to do the same.

    Wyndham Region had a significant number of COVID positive patients which included a large number from aged care facilities. Those elderly patients were unable to have any visitors and were unable to have any family in their final moments. And this is the very reason why I’ve had my vaccination and I encourage all health professionals to do the same.

    To all healthcare workers I encourage you to look after each other. Be a role model for your community and get vaccinated.

    Check out the new website designed for healthcare workers BeWell.BeSafe for up to date information on infection control, mental health and general wellbeing.

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Victoria's Chief Medical Officer, Andrew Wilson – bewell.besafe

Victoria’s Chief Medical Officer, Andrew Wilson shares how this new online initiative aims to support every Victorian working in the healthcare system.

  • [Music throughout the video]

    Hi, I’m Andrew Wilson.

    I’m a cardiologist and I’m Victoria’s Chief Medical Officer.

    [Animated icons appear]

    Whether you provide direct care for patients as a nurse, an allied health professional or a doctor.

    Or you support the people that do.

    Helping our hospitals to run in kitchens, transport, cleaning or administration.

    You are a healthcare worker.

    We all know how much Victorian healthcare workers do to care for other Victorians.

    But we need ways to help us take care of ourselves.

    If we are safe and well, others will be safe and well.

    So we have created be well be safe.

    [be well be safe logo and web address appears]

    An online space with the most current evidence, guidance and information about infection control, PPE, mental health and wellbeing.

    [text appears for each heading]

    It’s a program designed with our frontline workers to be shared.

    And is designed to keep us all well and safe.

    Thank you for what you do and thanks for listening.

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Workplace violence is never OK

A campaign from WorkSafe Victoria.

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    Come on! What’s the issue?

    I didn’t even ask for that.

    No, no no what the hell


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    What do you mean I can’t be here.

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