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Use the search tool below to see if your drinking water is fluoridated.

Only locations on a reticulated water supply are included in the search results.

‘Partly fluoridated’ means that either:

  • some streets in a town receive fluoridated water and others don't due to the delivery configuration
  • the local water supply periodically receives a fluoridated supply.

Portland and Port Fairy have naturally occurring optimal amounts of fluoride in the water supplies.

Which parts of Victoria have water fluoridation?

Currently, 90 per cent of Victorians drink fluoridated water, which is either naturally fluoridated or has fluoride added. Melbourne and some regional centres have had fluoridated water for more than 30 years. You can see the current fluoridation status either on the map below, or as a tabular viewExternal Link .

Reviewed 26 October 2021


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