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The voluntary assisted dying training provides a detailed overview of Victoria’s voluntary assisted dying legal framework. It has been designed to support medical practitioners in providing voluntary assisted dying services that comply with the voluntary assisted dying legislation.

Voluntary assisted dying training is available for eligible medical practitioners only. A medical practitioner must complete voluntary assisted training before they provide an assessment as either a co-ordinating or consulting medical practitioner. For more information on which doctors can participate in voluntary assisted dying, see health practitioner information.

Medical practitioners who complete the training do not have to provide any or all voluntary assisted dying services. Instead, completing the training can assist medical practitioners in deciding if they want to provide voluntary assisted dying and which services they will provide.

Access the training

Access voluntary assisted dying training hub

The training includes 8 information modules and 1 assessment module. It can take between 6-8 hours to complete. There is no pre-reading required prior to starting the training.

The training can be completed:

  • online at your own pace through the voluntary assisted dying learning hub
  • during a one-day group training day, where attendance can be in person or online.

Group training days are provided by Statewide Care Navigator Service at locations statewide throughout the year. Group training days are listed in the voluntary assisted dying learning hub (once logged in) or can be accessed via the care navigators. The care navigators can also provide support to medical practitioners choosing the self-paced option.

The care navigators can be contacted during business hours from anywhere in Victoria by the following methods:

Medical practitioner training modules

Module 1: Introduction

Module 2: Conversations, a first request, and deciding whether to participate in voluntary assisted dying

Module 3: Roles, qualifications and expertise of medical practitioners

Module 4: Voluntary assisted dying eligibility assessments by the co‑ordinating medical practitioner and the consulting medical practitioner

Module 5: From assessments of eligibility for voluntary assisted dying to a voluntary assisted dying permit

Module 6: Prescribing or administering voluntary assisted dying medications, and actions following the patient’s death

Module 7: Protections and oversight

Module 8: Assessment

Module 9: Self-care for medical practitioners, glossary and resources

Training videos

These videos form part of the voluntary assisted dying training for medical practitioners.

They provide examples of how medical practitioners may have some conversations with patients about voluntary assisted dying or provide further explanation about how a medical practitioner should assess some key factors.

The videos are intended to assist medical practitioners to understand voluntary assisted dying in practice. They do not demonstrate the whole process for accessing voluntary assisted dying, they provide examples of parts of the process.

Initial discussion

Capacity to make decisions


This video provides information and advice for medical practitioners assessing a person’s eligibility to access voluntary assisted dying. The video discusses some of the risk factors and potential signs of coercion.

Discussing the ineligibility

This video provides an example of a conversation a coordinating medical practitioner may have with a patient who has been found ineligible to access voluntary assisted dying. The video considers how a coordinating medical practitioner may explore other options with a patient.

Reviewed 30 April 2024


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