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All Victorian public healthcare services, including dental health services, Ambulance Victoria and the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health (Forensicare) agree to a Statement of Priorities (SoP).

SoPs are annual accountability agreements between Victorian public healthcare services and the Minister for Health. They outline the key performance expectations, targets and funding for the year as well as government service priorities.

The department has a role as a systems manager to ensure SoPs are consistent with the strategic plans of public health services, and are aligned to government policy directions and priorities.

SoPs consist of four parts:

  • Part A provides an overview of the service profile, strategic priorities and deliverables the health service will achieve in the year ahead.
  • Part B lists the key financial, access and service performance priorities and agreed targets.
  • Part C lists funding and associated activity.
  • Part D forms the service agreement between each health service and the State of Victoria for the purposes of the National Health Reform Agreement.

The mechanisms used by the department to monitor health service performance against the SoPs are outlined in the department's performance monitoring framework for Victorian health services.

Requirements under law

SoPs are a requirement for public healthcare services under the Health Services Act 1988 and represent the service agreement requirements for public hospitals under the Act. The SoP for Ambulance Victoria is a requirement of the Ambulance Services Act 1986. The SoP for Forensicare is a requirement of the Mental Health Act 2014.

For public healthcare services and Ambulance Victoria, SoPs are agreed annually between the Minister for Health and the board chairs. For sub-regional and local health services and small rural health services, SoPs are agreed between the Secretary to the department and board chairs. The SoP for Forensicare is agreed annually between the Minister for Mental Health and the board chair.

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Reviewed 30 April 2023


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