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From 6 September 2021 a Radiation Management Plan (RMP) must be submitted when undergoing any of the following activities:

  • Applying for a new Radiation Management Licence
  • Applying for a variation to an existing Radiation Management Licence
  • Applying to transfer an existing Radiation Management Licence to another legal entity.

What is a radiation management plan?

A radiation management plan (RMP) provides safety information for anyone working with or around radiation sources in your organisation. It contains procedures that must be followed to ensure that radiation sources are used in a safe and secure way that minimises harm to people and the environment. The RMP should be embedded in the organisation’s document control system, regularly reviewed and always accessible.

Radiation management plan templates

The Department of Health has developed templates for some low risk practices. Where templates are available a link is provided in the management licence sector specific pages.

What needs to be in a Radiation Management Plan?

General details

  • Name, title and contact details of the radiation management licence holder
  • The name title and contact details of the Radiation Safety Officer
  • Name, title and contact details of any proposed people authorised by the licence holder to deal directly with the Department of Health with respect to licence matters.

Site details

  • A list of each site where radiation practices will be conducted and details of each radiation source that will be used at the site
  • A floorplan of each site with the location of the radiation source clearly marked.

Staff training and qualifications

  • Details of radiation safety training requirements for staff working with and around the radiation sources
  • A radiation safety training matrix showing a list of staff, the training they have received and any relevant qualifications they possess (e.g radiation use licence).

Radiation Safety Equipment

  • Details of the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available onsite, when it needs to be used and by whom and instructions on how to correctly use the PPE
  • The name of the personal dosimetry service provider, what roles require the use of personal dosimetry and the person responsible for managing the dosimetry onsite
  • Radiation monitoring equipment that is available, when it should be used and details of where it is calibrated and serviced.

Acquiring and Disposing of radiation sources

  • Company procedures for purchasing, taking possession of and disposing of radiation sources consistent with the requirements of the Radiation Act 2005 and Radiation Regulations 2017.
  • A plan outlining how each radiation source will be disposed of when it is no longer required. For example, there may be documentation from the manufacturer or supplier of the radiation source indicating a disposal option at the end of the working life of the radiation source. The proposed disposal plan must comply with the applicable requirements specified at this website.

Storage of radiation sources

  • Company procedures for the safe storage of radiation sources and radioactive material when not in use.

Incident Reporting

  • Information on what constitutes a radiation incident, who is responsible for reporting incidents and how they are reported.

Emergency Procedures

  • Procedures that apply in the event of a radiation related emergency on site.

Reviewed 22 June 2021


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Our phone service is available Monday to Friday, from 9.00am to 1.00pm or we can be contacted via email. 

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