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  • The Radiation Advisory Committee is established under the Radiation Act 2005.
  • The committee provides advice on all aspects of radiation safety.
  • The committee submits an annual report each year.
  • Members are appointed for 3 year terms.

The Radiation Advisory Committee is established under the Radiation Act 2005 (the Act). The committee's function is to consider, advise and report to the Minister for Health or the Secretary of the department on any matters relating to the administration of the Act and Radiation Regulations 2017, including:

  • the promotion of radiation safety practices
  • recommending the criteria for the licensing of persons to use radiation sources and the qualifications, training or experience required by those persons
  • recommending which radiation sources should be considered prescribed radiation sources
  • radiation safety standards for the testing of prescribed radiation sources by approved testers
  • the nature, extent and frequency of tests to be conducted on prescribed radiation sources and the specification of radiation safety tests
  • codes of practice, standards or guidelines with respect to particular radiation sources, radiation practices or uses.

Radiation Advisory Committee members

Members of the committee are appointed by the Minister for 3 year terms. The current term is from 2020 to 2023. The committee members and their areas of expertise are:

  • Dr David Bernshaw - radiation oncology
  • Dr Ken Karipidis - non-ionising radiation
  • Dr Roslyn Drummond - radiation oncology
  • Dr Joanna Lia Wriedt - law and epidemiology
  • Dr Zoe Brady - medical physics
  • Dr Peter Francis - nuclear medicine and paediatrics
  • Mr Geoffrey Dick - radiography
  • Associate Professor Eddie Lau - radiology and nuclear medicine
  • Dr Tomas Kron - radiation oncology medical physics
  • Dr Fiona Charalambous - radiochemistry
  • Ms Min Ku - radiation therapy

Radiation Advisory Committee annual reports

The Act also requires the committee report on its activities and submit an annual report to the Minister for Health by 1 November each year. The report is tabled in parliament as soon as practicable after it is received.

The current annual report can be obtained from the Downloads section on this page, while past reports can be found in the publications library.

Reviewed 13 January 2022


Contact details

Our phone service is available Monday to Friday, from 9:00am to 1:00pm or we can be contacted via email. 

Radiation Safety Department of Health GPO Box 4057, Melbourne, VIC 3001

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