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Alternatives to Personal Alert Victoria

Find out about the other ways you can stay in touch.

If you are living alone, you may not be eligible for PAV, or you may not want to use it. But there are other ways you can keep in touch and stay safe at home.

Personal alarm services

Other personal alarm services are available privately. These services can be monitored or non-monitored. For a list of services, search the Internet for personal alarm/alert services/systems.

Telephone and mobiles

Some telephones and mobile phones can be programmed to automatically call or send a text message to up to four numbers when a switch is flicked.

Some telephones have functions that help people with impaired mobility. These may come with emergency pendants that activate calls to programmed numbers.

New technology such as mobile devices worn on the wrist can send pre-programmed messages and/or act as a telephone when assistance is required.

Applications for smart phones can monitor people on a daily basis and send pre-programmed emails or messages confirming daily wellbeing and/or if assistance is required.

Wellbeing checks

Family, friends or neighbours can call or visit each day.

Neighbours can establish some community watch activities, including developing a signal for assistance (for example, raising the front room blinds each morning can signal everything is okay, but uncollected newspapers and mail may mean someone needs help).

Keeping in touch

Keeping in TouchExternal Link is a service for people aged 75 years and older living in public housing. Office of Housing customer service officers telephone weekly on an agreed day between 8 am and 10 am, Monday to Friday.

Reviewed 20 March 2024


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