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  • The Victorian Health Technology Program (VHTP) reviews new and existing technology.
  • The VHTP provides independent advice regarding health technology safety, clinical effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, budget impact and implementation.
  • Information sharing informs policy, funding and commissioning decisions.

The Victorian Health Technology Program (VHTP) assesses and provides advice on the adoption of selected new health technologies and clinical practices in the Victorian public healthcare system.

This supports the Victorian Government's goal to optimise patient experiences and value for money through appropriate and effective resource allocation.

Through its assessment process the VHTP:

  • assesses selected new and emerging high cost, health technologies for health impact and costs and degree of innovation, relative to current practice and budgets
  • identifies where inefficiency in expenditure may have taken place or savings have been made from disinvestments of low-value value health technologies/clinical practices
  • identifies and recommends investment and disinvestment opportunities
  • promotes information sharing among public hospitals, to strengthen local and central assessments and resource allocation
  • reviews health technologies to inform policy, investment and commissioning decisions.

Victorian Health Technology Advisory Group

This Advisory Group provides expert knowledge, information and advice to the department regarding health technology matters.

The group will:

  • meet regularly
  • review health technologies as requested by the department
  • make recommendations on health technology matters to inform policy, investment, commissioning and disinvestment decisions.

Advisory Group membership includes the chairs of metropolitan and regional health service 'new technology committees'.

This ensures not only that broad health service representation takes place, but that the knowledge and experience of specialised clinical and senior health service management can be used in making decisions about health technology uptake and investment.

Through its membership, the Advisory Group will work with health service new technology committees to share information about new health technology and clinical practice to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of Victoria’s health system.

Reviewed 21 March 2023


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