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  • The Renal Health Clinical Network takes a statewide approach to improving prevention and treatment of kidney disease.

Victoria's Renal Health Clinical Network brings together clinicians across many disciplines to take a statewide approach to improving prevention and treatment for those at risk of or experiencing chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end-stage kidney disease.

Key network projects include:

  • a statewide clinical key performance indicator collection
  • Renal Pathways Project
  • a renal Conservative Care Group that will implement the recommendations outlined in the Renal conservative care report
  • Electronic Management and Assistance for Primary Care - CKD (EMAP - CKD) pilot project, which focuses on the early detection and better management of patients with CKD through targeted screening of high-risk patients and implementation of a formalised CKD management pathway
  • development of a statewide transplant pathway and standardised educational materials.

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Reviewed 25 November 2021


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