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Nurse Practitioner Collaboratives / Community of practice

NP Collaboratives/Community of practice

Based on previous NP funding rounds, the presence of a collaborative network can assist individual sites and candidates to develop and implement NP models of care and provide support to individual candidates. The Collaboratives are informal, self-governing groups that support members to share knowledge and experience that impact on the implementation of NP services.

Nursing and Midwifery Workforce support a number of NP Collaboratives/Community of practice that collectively have the following aims:

  • Provide forums for advice and comment on issues regarding NP model development
  • Facilitate updates on the local progress of NP models
  • Facilitate sharing of resources such as educational opportunities
  • Provide networking opportunities for members of the group
  • Advise the relevant departmental Clinical Networks of progress and issues that impact on NP services in that area.

Stroke Care NP Collaborative

Austin Health is the convenor of the VNPP Stroke Care Collaborative.

Bronwyn Coulton can be contacted at:

Chronic Disease Management NP Collaborative

Bendigo Health is the convenor of the Victorian Chronic Disease Management NP Collaborative (formerly Renal).

Amanda Collings can be contacted at:

Palliative Care NP Collaborative

The Centre for Palliative Care Education and Research (St Vincent's Hospital & University of Melbourne) are convenors of the Victorian Palliative Care NP Collaborative.

Karen Quinn can be contacted at:

Victorian Emergency Nurse Practitioner Collaborative

Alfred Health is the convenor of the Victorian Emergency NP Collaborative (VENPC)

Natasha Jennings can be contacted at:

Mental Health & Alcohol and drugs

Austin Health and Northeast Health Wangaratta are the conveners of Victorian Mental Health Drug and Alcohol NP Collaborative.

Rose McCrohan can be contacted at:
or Neville Baker at:

Oncology NP Community of Practice

Monash Health is the convenor of the Victorian Oncology NP Collaborative.

Louise Godbehere can be contacted at:

Older Persons

Northeast Health Wangaratta is the convenor of Victorian Older Persons NP Collaborative.

Deanne Burge can be contacted at:

Reviewed 26 March 2022


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