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Study nursing and midwifery free from 2023

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From next year, free degrees, training, and upskilling will be provided for nurses and midwives.

2023 to 2024:

  • Future nurses and midwives undertaking an undergraduate degree in nursing and midwifery will study for free, providing they join a public health service upon completion and stay for two years.
  • Former nurses and midwives will be able to update their qualifications for free to re-enter to workforce.
  • Current enrolled nurses will be able to become registered nurses for free.

The package also includes funding for:

  • 100 nurses to become Nurse Practitioners.
  • 150 nurses to continue working while they study to become midwives.
  • 745 additional graduate and post-graduate nursing positions in health services.

It is anticipated that the package will support the recruitment and training of 17,000 nurses and midwives to the health system. These nurses and midwives will play a critical role alongside current healthcare workers as the health system continues to respond to current demand, and reforms to increase capacity for the future.

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Reviewed 26 October 2022


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