Department of Health

There are telephone and online support services for people affected by mental health issues, with targeted services on particular issues or for particular groups in the community.

ServiceFocusPhone numberOperating hours
EmergencyExternal Link Emergency assistance00024 hours/7 days
NURSE-ON-CALLExternal Link Expert health advice from a nurse1300 60 60 2424 hours/7 days
Area mental health services triageExternal Link Generally the first point of contact for people seeking a specialist mental health response that will identify the urgency and nature of response requiredPhone numbers are available in each area24 hours/7 days
Beyond BlueExternal Link Depression, anxiety and related disorders1300 22 463624 hours/7 days
LifelineExternal Link Crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health support services13 11 1424 hours/7 days
SANEExternal Link People affected by complex mental health issues1800 187 26310am – 10pm weekdays
ARAFMI Carer HelplineExternal Link People affected by mental illness1300 550 2659am – 5pm weekdays

For specific groups in the community

ServiceFocusPhone numberOperating hours
Kids HelplineExternal Link Telephone counselling service for people aged between 5 and 25 / 24-hour service1800 55 180024 hours/7days
headspaceExternal Link Young people aged 12–251800 650 8909am – 1am (7 days a week)
ParentlineExternal Link Parents and carers with children from birth to 18 years13 22 898 am–midnight/7 days
Safe Steps (Family Violence Response Centre)External Link Family violence support1800 015 18824 hours/7 days
Gay and Lesbian SwitchboardExternal Link Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and intersex (GLBTI) communities.9663 2939 or 1800 184 527

Mon–Thurs 6 pm–10 pm

Fri–Sun 6pm–9pm

Sexual Assault Crisis Line VictoriaExternal Link Victims/survivors of past and recent sexual assault1800 806 2925 pm–9 am/7 days
GrieflineExternal Link Support for experiencing loss and grief, Lines open from Midday to 3am 7 days per week1300 845 74512 noon–3 am/7 days
DirectLineExternal Link People impacted by drug use1800 888 23624 hours/7 days
Family Drug HelpExternal Link People impacted by drug use1300 660 0689am–9pm weekdays
SuicideLine VictoriaExternal Link People affected by suicide1300 651 25124 hours/7 days
PANDAExternal Link Post or ante natal depression1300 726 3069 am–7 pm weekdays
Gambler's HelpExternal Link Gambling1800 858 85824 hours/7 days
OCD and Anxiety helplineExternal Link Anxiety disorders and depression1300 269 438 or 9830 053310am–4pm weekdays
MenslineExternal Link Men dealing with relationship problems1300 78 99 7824 hours/7 days
Bush Support LineExternal Link People in rural and remote areas1800 805 39124 hours/7 days
Suicide call backExternal Link 24-hour crisis support and counselling1300 659 46724 hours/7 days

Reviewed 09 January 2024


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