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What the Royal Commission said

The Royal Commission recommended the Victorian Government establish a new Victorian Collaborative Centre for Mental Health and Wellbeing.

The new Centre will:

  • work with existing research institutes and centres
  • help mental health research across Victoria have a direct impact on services and systems
  • make sure new research is in line with the Royal Commission’s priorities
  • connect networks of academics and mental health practitioners that can apply research in services
  • make sure research and evidence informs education and training for the mental health workforce
  • collect, combine and share information from research
  • provide advice to people working in mental health services about best practice approaches to treatment, care and support.

The Royal Commission also recommended the Victorian Government promote opportunities to increase collaboration on research into the mental health and wellbeing of infants, children and young people.

What are the opportunities?

The Royal Commission highlighted opportunities to create an adaptive mental health and wellbeing system. This means a system that can continue to improve over time. The features of an adaptive system include:

  • research to establish a strong evidence base
  • innovation to test and grow new ideas
  • processes to capture new knowledge and translate it into practice
  • evaluating the effects of new approaches
  • sharing information so lessons learned can influence decisions about policy, program and practice improvements.

What are we doing?

We are consulting with stakeholders across the mental health sector to deliver the new Collaborative Centre.

Work involves learning from experts, including those with lived experience of mental illness.

Read more about the Collaborative Centre here.

Reviewed 17 March 2022

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