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Service coordination e-learning modules and trainer guides

Key messages

  • We have developed two e-learning modules to help health services improve service coordination and use the service coordination tools and templates (SCTT).
  • We have also developed Service coordination principles: trainer guides to help registered training organisations integrate service coordination principles into their training.

E-learning tools

Two e-learning tools have been developed to support service coordination in Victoria:

  • The Service Coordination Online ModuleExternal Link shows Victorian healthcare providers how to coordinate services, both within their own organisation and with other organisations. It can be used as part of the induction of new staff and for the professional development of existing staff.
  • The Service Coordination Tool Templates (SCTT) Online ModuleExternal Link helps service providers use the templates in SCTT 2012. We encourage service providers to include this module in their staff orientation. Experienced SCTT users may use this e-learning tool to refresh their knowledge, or to keep updated with SCTT changes.

Service coordination principles trainer guides

The Service coordination principles trainer guides help registered training organisations to integrate service coordination principles into their training. They use case studies to demonstrate how to apply service coordination principles.

The guides cover the following topics:

The guides explain the service coordination strategy framework, outline the Service Coordination Tools Templates (SCTT)and allow participants to apply coordination principles.

Registered training organisations can use and reproduce all or parts of the trainer guides.

Reviewed 10 November 2023


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