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Key messages

  • Pre-planning includes promoting the program to staff, booking a vaccination provider and reserving space for the clinic.
  • In the lead-up to the clinic, confirm bookings and remind staff about the program.
  • After the clinic, evaluate the data and the program, and provide a report to staff and management.

Workplace influenza vaccination program – pre-planning

Ensure strong leadership and senior management support. This is critical to the success of workplace vaccination programs. Identify a ‘vaccination champion’ to help promote the program.

Book a vaccination provider. Vaccinations should ideally be given in autumn, and you should book a provider several months in advance. Local providers can be found online. See the workplace vaccination provider checklist for more information.

Reserve a suitable space for the clinic. This space must be convenient and include a room for the vaccinations and a nearby space for staff to wait for 15 minutes after their vaccination. Check with your vaccination provider for any requirements. Remember to plan for staff off-site.

Promote your clinic to staff. Develop a communications strategy to help raise awareness of the program and reach your vaccination target. This website includes tools such as sample email text and a promotional poster template for you to advertise clinic details. Use several mediums to reach staff, including all-staff emails, print and your company intranet. Share the link to the ‘Influenza – facts for staff’ page to give staff important information to help address the common myths and understand the risks from influenza.

Workplace influenza vaccination program – 1–2 weeks before

  • Confirm the clinic location and the provider’s requirements (including access, parking and security).
  • Remind staff of their vaccination bookings.

Workplace influenza vaccination program – day of the clinic

  • Confirm room set-up and access, including waiting-room space with chairs.
  • Meet the vaccination provider and confirm that they comply with the workplace vaccination provider checklist.

Workplace influenza vaccination program – after the clinic

  • Evaluate the data and program.
  • Provide a report to management and staff.
Consider sharing your pre- and post-campaign vaccination rates with the department by email.

Reviewed 12 May 2023


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