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Vaccine order forms and stock information

You must be a registered immunisation provider in Victoria to order government funded vaccines. To apply, please see the New account application tile below.

Onelink holds and distributes government-supplied vaccines in Victoria. Immunisation providers can order vaccines online at It is the immunisation provider's responsibility to ensure that vaccines are stored appropriately when they are delivered. A paper version of the vaccine order form is also available under the Vaccine order forms tile below, complete order forms must be emailed to

The Victorian Department of Health will ensure that all Victorian immunisation providers are kept up to date with stock information as required. This includes information regarding the annual influenza vaccine.

The department manages orders for rabies vaccine and immunoglobulin, these cannot be ordered online. Please complete the post-exposure rabies treatment order form or pre-exposure rabies vaccine order form and email to, these forms can be found under the Vaccine order forms tile below.

Reviewed 25 October 2021


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