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Pharmacist study programs for education-providers

Education providers can apply to have an 'Immuniser program of study' recognised by the Victorian Chief Health Officer. The application is assessed by a review panel against a number of criteria, which include program standards and learning outcomes.

The review panel comprises:

  • at least one representative from a relevant group of clinical specialists or individual practitioners with recognised expertise in the health profession for which the course is intended for delivery
  • one representative with significant expertise and clinical practice experience in immunisation
  • one representative with appropriate curriculum development knowledge.

Following their review, the panel makes a positive or negative recommendation to the Chief Health Officer about the program of study.

Recognised programs of study must comply with any current professional guidelines and standards for immunisation training relevant to the health professionals to whom the course will be delivered.

On successful completion of the core learning outcomes, Immunisers should have:

  • an overview of immunisation services in Australia
  • a reasonable level of understanding of public health and clinical issues relevant to Immunisers
  • developed specific knowledge and skills to enable them to promote immunisation and respond to common myths about immunisation
  • an understanding of the role of Immunisers in Victoria
  • knowledge of the guidelines and regulations that affect practice as an Immuniser in Victoria
  • demonstrated specific knowledge and clinical skills to enable them to provide immunisation services, utilised clinical knowledge and immunisation skills and clinical decision making skills
  • satisfactorily completed a workshop in managing immunisation emergencies and resuscitation.

Reviewed 12 May 2023


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