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Employing a nurse immuniser

Key messages

  • Employers must have processes and policies in place to support services provided by nurse immunisers.
  • Employers should consider the requirements under any relevant legislation or standards.
  • Immunisation competence: guide for employers has guidance and resources to help employers meet their obligations.

Employers of nurse immunisers must have these minimum elements in place to support safe, high-quality immunisation services by approved Registered Nurses:

  • clinical risk management strategy and plan for immunisation services
  • policy and procedure(s) relating to the provision of vaccinations by Registered Nurses under a Secretary approval
  • process for employment and ongoing clinical credentialing requirements for Registered Nurses practising under the Secretary approval.

Employers should also consider the existing national and state immunisation policy, structures and legislation, including the requirements of a Poisons Control Plan (where applicable) that support this practice by Registered Nurses.

Immunisation competence: guide for employers provides guidance on how employers can meet these requirements. It also has resources to help employers and employees to meet their obligations.

Reviewed 08 October 2015


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