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Epidemic thunderstorm asthma - resources for health professionals

Health professionals including general practitioners, pharmacists and nurses have a vital role to play in reducing the risk to the community from epidemic thunderstorm asthma events.

Optimising diagnosis, clinical care and self-management of asthma and hay fever is the key to responding to the risk of epidemic thunderstorm asthma events. Such an approach will decrease the impact of any subsequent events while also improving the overall health and wellbeing of people with these conditions in between events.

Health professionals can access epidemic thunderstorm asthma training programs and resources, including:

  • epidemic thunderstorm asthma preparedness guidance for GP respiratory clinics
  • information to support community pharmacies to prepare their pharmacies and clients for the risk of epidemic thunderstorm asthma:

Additional resources are also available from the National Asthma CouncilExternal Link .

Thunderstorm asthma specific resources are available from the Downloads section on this page.

For COVID-19 clinical advice and resources, visit Clinical guidance and resources - COVID-19External Link .


The department has also published two reports that provide useful background information for health professionals:

Other resources

Downloadable resources to share with consumers are available from the campaign toolkit section on this page.

Translated consumer materials can be found on the Thunderstorm asthma – multicultural resource page.

Reviewed 27 October 2022


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