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  • Fumigated shipping containers may still contain a significant quantity of methyl bromide, which may present a risk.
  • Refer to WorkSafe Victoria information for health and safety solutions.

Shipping containers that have been fumigated and ventilated by fumigators may still contain a significant quantity of methyl bromide (MeBr) due to poor venting procedures, desorption or entrapment of the gas in the packaging. This may present a risk to persons involved in unpacking these containers.

To help keep fumigated shipping containers safe, WorkSafe Victoria has developed two health and safety solutions:

  • Fumigated shipping containers – clearance of methyl bromide (by fumigators)
  • Fumigated shipping containers – venting prior to unpacking (by end user).

For more information, refer to the WorkSafe Victoria websiteExternal Link .

Reviewed 03 November 2021


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