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Online forms – drugs and poisons regulation

Available online forms

A number of different forms are available to health providers in relation to the Victorian Drugs, Poisons and Controlled Substances legislation.

This includes permit applications, notification/reporting forms, and others.

The following forms are available to complete and submit online:

Features of online forms

Pre-fill feature available - treatment permit applications

Treatment permit applicants are now able to save their prescriber details after completing the form. Simply tick the “Remember Me” checkbox and this will save your details, enabling you to use these again next time, saving you time.

Note: the “Remember Me” function is browser and computer-specific.

If you use one computer the first time and then a different computer the next time you submit information, the previously saved details using "Remember Me" tick box will not be available. The same applies if you use the Google Chrome browser initially to complete the form, and then use Microsoft Edge browser to complete it (previous Internet Explorer), you won't be able to access the saved prescriber details.

We therefore advise that you use the same computer and same web browser each time when completing the forms online.

This feature is not available with Windows XP or Windows Vista operating systems.

Confirmation email

Once you have successfully submitted a completed application or notification, you will receive a confirmation email to advise you that your form has been received by the department.

Copy of the completed form

You can download a PDF copy of your completed form after you have submitted the form at the Submission Complete page. You may also choose to obtain a PDF copy of your completed form via the confirmation email.

Reviewed 30 June 2023



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