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Scheduling of substances

  • If a substance is not individually mentioned in the SUSMP, but it is a derivative of a substance that is listed in the SUSMP, then it would adopt the same scheduling of the substance that is listed. (See Part 1 (2) of the SUSMP).

    If you have checked the SUSMP and would like assistance to determine the scheduling status of a substance, bear in mind that representatives of Medicines and Poisons Regulation may assist but are not chemical experts. You may need to find a relevant chemical expert to provide definitive advice.

  • Any substance that is listed in Schedules 2, 3 and 4, but which is at a concentration less than 10mg/L or 10mg/kg would not be scheduled (refer to Part 1, (2) (j) of the SUSMP).

    Additionally, any substance included in Schedules 1 to 8 which is within an in-vitro diagnostic and analytical preparation containing 0.001 per cent or less of the substance, would not be considered to be scheduled. Refer to the listing of ”in-vitro diagnostic and analytical preparations" within Appendix A of the SUSMP.

Reviewed 31 January 2020


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