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General questions on schedule 8 treatment permits

  • You can apply here. Applications for permits or cancellation of permits cannot be processed over the phone.
  • Click on 'save for later button'; you will be provided with a tracking code and a link to your form URL; the code and URL will be required to return to the form; there is a link to 'Return to your saved form' button; form can only be saved for 72 hours (3 days).
  • We encourage applicants to use the online application forms as submissions of these forms will generate an automated reply to confirm that your application has been received so there is no need to phone to check. The link to the online forms can be found here.
  • Please do not call to check on the progress of your permit application. If we require further information in order to progress your application, we will let you know, Otherwise your application will be processed in due course and the permit will be sent to you.
  • Please refer to the following link.
  • Contact PBS authority approval line on 1800 888 333. Do not send/fax/mail/email prescriptions to DPR.
  • 10:00am to 4:00pm, Monday to Friday.
  • No. Confidential information regarding patient treatment can only be provided to medical practitioners, nurses/nurse practitioners or pharmacists (or medical practice staff authorised in writing by a medical practitioner).

Schedule 8 permits

  • Please refer to the Psychostimulants - special Schedule 8 poisons for ADHD and narcolepsy document on this page.
  • Please refer to the following page.
  • Requirements for Schedule 8 treatment permits have recently become more complex due to the introduction of some additional exceptions for prescribers who examine a patient’s profile on the SafeScript database, before prescribing a Schedule 8 medicine for a patient.

    To ensure compliance with requirements for Schedule 8 treatment permits, it is recommended that medical practitioners download or print the document, ‘Schedule 8 treatment permits - requirements in Victoria’, so that it is readily available for reference.

  • To maximise patient safety and to minimise risk of concurrent prescribing of Schedule 8 poisons by multiple prescribers and the risk of patients developing or maintaining dependence and to avoid diversion of licit drugs for illicit purposes.
  • Contact patient's previous GP and request cancellation of their permit (in writing or via online cancellation form). You will then need to apply for a Schedule 8 permit Application form is available at /dpcs

Opioid replacement therapy (pharmacotherapy) permits

  • If a patient attends the dosing pharmacy after missing methadone or buprenorphine doses on four (4) or more consecutive days, do not administer further doses without the prescriber's expressed authorisation.
  • Contact DirectLine on 1800 888 236.

Reviewed 25 November 2021


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