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The Digital Health Unified Implementation Guide is intended to assist health services with definitive usage of the HL7 2.4 Standard for applications that send HL7 messages to, and receive HL7 messages from, Digital Health applications. Digital Health hosts the core financial, human resources, patient management, client management and clinical applications used by several public health services in Victoria.

The guide is generic in its purpose, and although Digital Health specific products are nominated, this is also a foundation level interoperability guide for several standardised interfaces, e.g.: Pathology and Imaging Orders and Results, Medication Orders, Patient Administration, Emergency Department, Discharge Summary and general Clinical Systems interfaces.

The guide supports the design and implementation of broadly accepted and standards based HL7 2.4 interfaces between vendor applications. This guide forms the basis on which standard interfaces should be designed and implemented, with any potential variations to the guide being agreed in consultation with Digital Health.


Reviewed 23 August 2023


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