Department of Health

Support staff by designing spaces appropriate to their needs, located appropriately, with useful fixtures and fittings.

  • Provide a quiet area for staff free from distractions where they can write or use documents, consult books and use computers.
  • Provide a quiet, comfortable area for rest and relaxation, including a storage area for personal belongings.
  • Change storage space to reduce staff time walking from one place to another to access equipment.
  • Put storage areas and staff work areas where staff can clearly see residents.
  • Disguise or conceal doorways to service areas.
  • Make sure walking areas are safe, reducing time staff spend observing people.
  • Get furniture and fittings appropriate to person-centred care to reduce injury and improve staff safety.
  • Provide easy access to sheltered gardens so staff can readily accompany people outside, even in their beds, if desired.

Reviewed 22 February 2016


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