Department of Health
  • Bedrooms with ensuites, toilet, basin and shower
  • Toilets visible from bedsColour contrasted floors, walls and bench tops
  • Colour contrasted basins and bench tops
  • Colour contrasted toilet and floor
  • Climate control in bathing areas
  • Extra heat sources for extra comfort
  • Mirrors over counters at suitable heights for people seated or standing
  • Wall cabinet or shelves for personal items, located next to mirror
  • Shower cubicles with shelf or fixture within easy reach
  • Wall-mounted fixtures beside basins for easy access to soap
  • Floor, wall and ceiling materials suitable for wet areas
  • Appropriate materials for noise reduction (acoustic ceiling tiles)
  • Fold-down handrails on both sides of toilet
  • Portable shower seats with back support
  • Showers with adjustable spray heads
  • Shower fittings with detachable dry-break hose coupled to flexible hoses
  • Height-adjustable shower attachment
  • Wand spray unit that reaches into bathroom corners
  • Towel rails near toilets to prevent wetting during showers
  • Baths for seated and supine bathing
  • Peach or coral painted walls that provide warmth and flatter skin tones

Reviewed 18 February 2016


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