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In March 2021, Mr Idris Hassan and Ms Hawa Warsame (the plaintiffs) commenced a class action against the State of Victoria to challenge the ‘lockdown’ of people in nine public housing towers in North Melbourne and Flemington between 4 July and 18 July 2020.

The plaintiffs and the State of Victoria have agreed to resolve this class action so that money is paid to eligible Group Members of the class action. This is called a settlement. The settlement will only take effect if it is approved by the Supreme Court.

Who can participate in the proposed settlement

Class action Group Members include residents or people staying at below locations between Saturday 4 July and Thursday 9 July 2020:

  • 9 Pampas Street, North Melbourne
  • 159 Melrose Street, North Melbourne
  • 76 Canning Street, North Melbourne
  • 12 Sutton Street, North Melbourne
  • 120 Racecourse Road, Flemington
  • 126 Racecourse Road, Flemington
  • 130 Racecourse Road, Flemington
  • 12 Holland Court, Flemington

In addition, Group Members also include residents or those staying between Saturday 4 July and Saturday 18 July 2020 at:

  • 33 Alfred Street, North Melbourne.

Further information about the proposed settlement is available in the Notice of Proposed Settlement, which sets out the options available to Group Members to participate in, opt out or object to the proposed settlement.

See Notice of Proposed Settlement in your language.

If the proposed settlement is approved by the Supreme Court, Annexure A - Settlement Distribution Scheme, sets out how the settlement scheme will operate, including how the settlement sum will be distributed.

See Settlement Distribution Scheme in your language.

Options available to Group Members

Important note: Group Members must register before 27 June 2023 to have their eligibility to receive payment considered. Please use the online Notice of Claim form to registerExternal Link .

Group Members may be contacted to provide further information to assess eligibility. The proposed settlement will only take effect if it is approved by the Supreme Court.

If you are not sure whether you are a Group Member or want further information, you should contact Clemens Haskin Legal on (03) 9988 5035 or email or seek your own legal advice.

Copies of the Notice of Proposed Settlement and other notices are also available at the Estate Towers Offices at:

North Melbourne Housing Office
33 Alfred Street, North Melbourne
(03) 9326 6377

Ascot Vale Housing Office
12 Churchill Ave, Ascot Vale
(03) 9371 6200

What to do if you're a Group Member but haven't received a notice

You can download the notice from this page or obtain copies of the Notice of Proposed Settlement and other notices from the Estate Towers Offices.

Translated versions of the notices

Notice of Proposed Settlement

Settlement Distribution Scheme

Notice of Claim form

Notice of Application to Extend Time to Opt Out by a Group Member

Notice of Reinstatement of Group Member

Notice of Objection to Proposed Settlement

Reviewed 01 June 2023

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